// Walled In! Awards


The HDTV computer animation “Walled In!” by DW-TV has been awarded the Eyes & Ears of Europe Special Prize EFFECTIVENESS 2009, as well as distinction in the categories “Best 2D/3D animation” and “Best station-, programme-, film- or content-related audio design”. The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in London highly commended “Walled In!” as “excellent animation” in the category “Best creative feature – television”.

Die HDTV Computer-Animation “Eingemauert!” von DW-TV gewann den Eyes & Ears of Europe Spezialpreis EFFEKTIVITÄT 2009 und erhielt desweiteren Auszeichnungen in den Kategorien “Beste 2D/3D-Animation” und “Bestes sender-, programm-, film- bzw. contentbezogenes Audio Design”. Die Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in London zeichnete “Eingemauert!” in der Kategorie “Best creative feature – television” aus.